Top 5 Vietnamese Food Dishes

1- Bánh Mì Vietnamese Baguette

Bánh Mì

Banh Mi sandwiches also called Vietnamese baguette sandwiches. People are always love to eat Banh Mi at OI HANOI. There are merous variations of this Vietnam food like French fusion sandwich. Some are made with chicken, tofu, pâté, cold cuts, etc.

2- Gỏi cuốn Spring Rolls

Gỏi cuốn

Gỏi cuốVietnamese spring rolls are consisting of nem nướng̣ cuo pork, prawn, vegetables, bún and sometimes rice vermicelli. Come to OI HANOI and order for your favorite vietnamese food Gỏi cuố.

3. Vermicelli Noodles Bun


This is one of my favorites foodwhen it comes to home-cooked meals, ahh in other when it come from OI HANOI. It is thin white round noodle, fresh or dry which can be found in Asian stores.

4. Cơm Tấm

Cơm Tấm

Cơm Tam is not regular rice but this stuff is made from fractured rice grains. It is one of the yummiest dish in vietnamese food category.

5- Hủ tiếu (Rice Noodle Soup)

This rice noodle soup dish can also be made with a variety of vietnam ingredients. It can also be served without the soup depends on your taste.

Mmm now its very easy to choose a vietnamese food restaurant in London as OI HANOI is one of the London most vibrant restaurant which is know for vietnamese food dishes…