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OiiO International

Find Out About Us — OiiO International

Why do we do what we do? We believe Bangladesh is the best place to start and/or grow a digital business.

OiiO International is the leading business conglomerate in Bangladesh, specializing in internet and related technologies. Our mission is to accelerate the growth of our business at the age of digital economy. We focus on areas like science, engineering, technology, research and development, humanity, innovation and invention and alternative energy. We highlights on digital skills, smart capital investment, infrastructure, international development and leadership.

We do this in four ways:

Targeted projects for customers: that fill market gaps across the whole life cycle of digital businesses. 
Uniting Society: providing an agile and responsive feedback loop to government to help shape the right policies via roundtables, surveys, white papers and reports to unite the society.

Foundation: provides the rigorous program for future generation. 
Invest in Future: championing and connecting the digital sector in all major cities in Bangladesh, and internationally via international trade missions, media engagement and events.

It’s primarily focus is on the computer, networking and communications industry. The Company provides software products to all major segments of the computing market from PCs and workstations to networking and communications.

The company operates in product including FinTech, Data, Analytics & Cybersecurity, eCommerce & Marketplace, Digital Advertising & Marketing, Digital Entertainment, EdTech, Enterprise Software & Cloud Computing, Hardware & Devices and SaaS.

OiiO International’s strategic product includes media, CRM, ERP, Sales & Marketing Lab, security and designing creative solutions for competitive market structures.

OiiO International’s core strategy is to tailor technologies for each segment of the computing market. They will continue to provide high-performance product and services to support the high-end PCs and workstations/servers. The Company also continues to support the brand preference strategy, which has made OiiO International a household name in Bangladesh.

The Company plans to cultivate new businesses and continue to work with the software industry to develop compelling applications that can take advantage in market, and thus driving demand toward the newer products in each computing market segment. In line with this strategy, the Company is seeking to develop higher performance product and services for each market segment, including servers, workstations, high- end business PCs, the basic PC and other product lines.

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