EnerCom’s 2017 Conference Day Two Breakout Notes: Blackbird Energy

Blackbird Energy Breakout Notes

Garth Braun, president, CEO, and chairman of Blackbird Energy Inc., (ticker: BBI) presented today at EnerCom’s The Oil & Gas Conference® 22.

Blackbird Energy, a Canadian, Montney-centric producer, intends to advance its production out of the prolific shale to approximately 32 MBOEPD by the end of 2021. It plans to do so by drilling new wells in the Montney utilizing advanced completions designs.

During the company’s breakout session, management was asked the following questions:

  • Do you have comparable Risk Exploration Net Asset Value (RENAV) for other comparative in the slide deck?
  • How do you compare the cost of exploration with the cost of acquisition? What is your competitive advantage in this?
  • Can you discuss your hedge program?
  • What is your view on the forward price curves? Are we stuck on the $50 per barrel land?
  • With the government leaning to the left, has this constrained you in anyway?
  • So you think the political situation in British Columbia is more long term?
  • Can you comment on the CFO change over?
  • Is the McDaniel price deck you referred to in CAD or USD?

Blackbird Energy presented at EnerCom’s 2017 The Oil & Gas Conference®.

You can listen to the company’s presentation by clicking here.

You can view the company’s most recent operational update by clicking here.

Originally published at Oil & Gas 360.

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