The Simple Case for Using Oilmar

By: Scott Tompkins, CEO

What is Oilmar?

  • Oilmar is a new B2B marketplace for Oil & Gas.

Who uses Oilmar?

  • O&G Suppliers
  • Manufacturers
  • Principle companies
  • Independent brokers

Why use Oilmar?

  • Oilmar lowers the cost and complexity of doing business online.
  • Oilmar increases the quality of your internet sales and leads.
  • Oilmar has no upfront fees. It’s FREE to register. Try it!

How it works?

  • Sellers publish their assets for sale for a fixed or negotiated price on our platform which is optimized for SEO and conversions.
  • Buyers find those assets for sale through special promotions, organic search, shared links, and social media.
  • Buyers make offers using our message and order system.
  • Sellers accept or reject offers, managing many negotiations in parallel.
  • After successful negotiations, payment is secured using
  • Oilmar takes a small success fee. Paid only if the sale is successful.

And our technology platform allows all these touches, interactions, and dealing to be centered in one place. You don’t need an IT department to use it.

What are some features?

  • Alerts and notifications
  • Bulk import/export
  • Tax certificate capture
  • Secure settlement via escrow

What are some benefits?

  • No upfront fees.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Targeted network. Oil & Gas ONLY.
  • Only verified accounts can transact.

DIY Store vs Our Platform

Getting and maintaining your own online store is complicated, expensive, and as soon as you build one, it’s out-dated. When you use our platform you experience none of that frustration, none of that cost, and we’re constantly getting better.

Linkedin is Not a Marketplace

Linkedin is a popular place for people in the Oil & Gas industry to promote what they are buying or selling. But Linkedin is not a marketplace. It’s the wrong tool.

We believe there’s more effective ways to present your opportunities. It’s a big part of why we built this software. We think we can supercharge what we see already happening every day.

Feedback We’ve Received

Many decision makers love the idea of Oilmar, but get turned off by the success fees that we charge. But look at it like this…

We charge zero listing fees. You could list dozens or even hundreds of assets for sale, at no cost to you. We only get paid, if you get paid.

Other marketplaces will take fees upfront or they charge a monthly subscription. And you might not make a single sale!

With Oilmar, you can be dead certain. If we are charging you a fee, it’s because we just made you $$$$$. Our fees are always justified by sales.

What I Recommend

This advice is for sellers, especially those manufacturers and suppliers who are selling new equipment. Take something from your catalog, maybe it’s hard to sell, maybe it’s just not a well known offering, but for whatever reason it’s not a focus of your sales team, and put it on Oilmar. It’s low-risk with possibly a big reward.

Join During Soft-Launch

Now is the time to sign up and try Oilmar. We will be fully launched within the next month or two. This is a great time to get your inventory listed, so that YOU can benefit from all the attention get we after the official launch.

About the Author

My name is Scott Tompkins and I’m CEO of Oilmar. Reach out via Linkedin or email to talk about how to get the most out of using Oilmar.

P.S. Don’t forget to ask about Oilmar Connect. We can help draft, format, and promote your listings. And we have other incentives for only a limited number of companies.