Life is just like riding a bicycle, if you stop moving you will fail. If you don’t ride a bicycle, you are less likely to get an accident. But if you do. If you go out there and face your fear. If you get on that scary bicycle. If you are willing to fall and hurt yourself, one day you will get to the finish line before everyone who chose to walk.
Why I Lie, Cheat, Steal And Kill, And You Should Too
CamMi Pham

My energies are pointed to something higher. May I assume you are in Communist led Viet Nam? If so, say, Father in Heaven Forgive and accept me into your fold I am your lamb ready for a slaughtering or saving, my life is in your hands. AMEN. If not, read the HOLY BIBLE & believe in the WORD of the KING of Kings & LORD of Lords Jesus Christ. He’s my Savior and can be yours also by letting him into your heart & mind. I will p-ray with you now. “Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be your name…

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