A Stranger Girl Next To My Door:

When I just saw you for the first time, I felt what an epic smile you have on your face
I got so mesmerized that I could not stop myself in praising your beauty
The beauty carries out your personality so well.
I wondered for a moment, is there something hidden inside your smile?
That made me scared when I thought about it deeply.
What happened with you? My inner voice questioned me
Even for a second, I couldn’t give rest to my brain
By now I got impatient, as the questioned started to haunt me in my dreams. My impatient behavior, didn’t offer me a peaceful sleep I stood up, just to bring my gut back, so that I would ask you for the reason But I failed for the second time, As again your epic smile forced me to forget the pain of yours, and told me to withhold your smile for a longer period of time…

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