An Unexpected Attitude of yours:

For a time being, Just went through your profile thoroughly.

As if I was reading a book, A “book” that was related to your life.

Then All of a sudden I realized, something got changed.

what was it? I asked myself.

The question seemed quite tough to me to answer.

But I again asked myself, what was it ?which was just killing me from inside like anything?

After a while, I got a strange reply from my inner soul, and that made me more confused.

Then keeping all thing aside, I wonder, Had things really got changed with you?

where is the smile of “THE KILLER BOY”?

Had the smile really got vanished somewhere, due to some unwanted reason.

what was the reason? I wanted to know the reason.

Making me assure one thing, that it’s not so late to ask you.

I know that you might have kept me away from your problems, But the problems are still not away from you.

I would rather like to know the reason of your pain, the pain through which your going every day…

Making you remind one thing…. “THE PAIN WHICH YOU GIVE TO YOURSELF, IS THE PAIN WHICH I FEEL FOR YOU Every day”.

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