A woman’s body is hers to do as she pleases. Stop forcing your ideology on our girls!

It is really a shame that in this day and age others think they have the right to have a say on the actions you take regarding your body. In particular I am talking about the ever so taboo issue of abortion. With all the reforms we have made in empowering feminism and equality of the sexes it baffles me how some can brazenly try to take away someone’s right to terminate a pregnancy.

In 2015 we had a record high of 185,824 abortions. Now I know there are some who are foaming at the mouth with anger because of high the statistic is. However let us say if all those pregnancies were not terminated, I would argue to say that’s a really large number of children to be on into the world that the woman had no choice in the matter. Putting you in their shoes, they are many factors that drive people to abort; some people are too young to have a child, some for medical reasons, others just because they do not want the child. How can you as a person stand there and say, “You are evil for not birthing this child”. When the child’s quality of life might not have been as good or if the child was going to grow without their parents. What is even funnier is the majority of people who say that statement do not even adopt.

A close friend of mine had an accident this year and she ended up having an abortion. For her there was no other option, her ethnic background meant that she would get disowned if her family found out that she was pregnant. She was also in her final year of university thinking about acquiring a job after her degree meanwhile she was still on top of her dissertation. There was no place for a child in her life currently, she was glad she had the abortion however she felt that society saw her differently, in an unjust way. My friend was not in any position to raise a child, without having her family’s support and having to drop out of university to go through the pregnancy would have set her life back. Every girl who aborts have their own story and reasoning this doesn’t we have any right to take away that option from them.

An article from the independent showed that 95% of women who aborted do not regret it. Meaning the woman who is getting an abortion sees it as a necessary procedure. I don’t know about you but we live in a democracy where people have rights, if you decide you want to take away those rights because of your own ethical code you are not better than the terrorist on the news trying to impose their views on others by force.

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