You don’t need the extras to play the game per se, it’s just that you’ve been stuck on this level for three days and are losing interest, but, in an alarming development, not as quickly as the game is losing interest in you; its refusal to just let you win one freaking time, for free, is both infuriating and irresistible.
It’s All Fun and Games Until You Run Out of Coins
Stephanie Georgopulos

I’m sorry you felt that way but I feel like it’s still your own choice: to pay or not to pay. I’ve never spent a dollar and have reached level 1657 in Gardenscapes all by myself, no cheats whatsoever. It’s all about persistence, I guess. I don’t think there’s anyone to blame. I think of games like this as of something that gives me my portion of fun and simply put the game aside if I’m stuck to give it another try later.

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