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At least 3 start-ups have been built on this!

My trusty Mid 2012 MacBookAir needed a reinstall after many years of service. I duly backed-up. Then rebooted doing the two finger recover mode salute (⌘ + r). A format, reboot and another two finger salute later I was the proud owner of 10.7 OSX Lion!

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The magic in action

I like sparkling lights and making things. I remember my Dad introducing me to electronics from an early age. Together with my sister we’d put together one of those early electronic kits. I still remember building a crystal radio and being amazed that it worked.

I now hold a degree in Electronic Engineering from Dublin City University. I graduated in 2000. Near the end of my course, I realised I didn’t want a life of chip design as I saw it. Electronics took a long time to get right. I liked building things quickly and rapidly iterating. I discovered software engineering gave me this. …


Oisin Mulvihill

( SCUBA Diver, Chief Technology Officer, bottle washer and floor sweeper.

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