Virtual Staging for a faster sale of your property!

Virtual Staging enables potential buyers to envision themselves in the space which allows them to appreciate the space available in each of the rooms for furniture and other such. Traditional Staging generally gives them an idea of how the furniture can be placed in a room and where it suit accordingly

Here arises a question, Is there a better and simpler way to list these properties apart from traditional staging?

Well, Yes!

Virtual Staging is a computer related image editing technique in which the images can be virtually staged and uploaded online for buyers to view. It is done on photos because buyers will be able to view them online and understand what the home would look like if it were completely furnished.

The process is much cheaper and simpler compared to renting the furniture, staging and conducting an open house. Plus traditional staging is expensive, not all realtors have the budget to conduct an open house. Most of the realtors move onto the next step because staging costs approximately 3 to 4% of the asking price for the property.

Although traditional staging has helped realtors make sales faster than empty houses, the fact that it is a tedious process and the amount of time that goes into staging a property is not worth the investment. Virtual Staging on the other hand has made life much easier and in a large way has pushed the tides in the favor of the realtors and the companies that provide the finished images.

The firms that work on Virtual Staging service generally hire a group of editors who train together and know the ways to get the job done faster and with excellent outcome. From recent reviews and surveys it has come to light that most of the realtors have taken to the idea and have gained huge success because of the technique. Office staging is also a task that is offered by firms across the world.

Outsource Infotech is one such firm that has for a long time thrived in the Image Editing business and our dedication has helped us reach the heights we hardly imagined a decade ago. Browse through our website to check out the services that we offer and write to us for quotes.

Real Estate property buyers these days go on the internet and search for a home that they find appropriate for their taste and fits their budget. When potential buyers search for homes, they would always have an idea as to what constitutes to be a perfect home for them. It therefore is necessary for owners and realtors to provide images of the real estate property that can convince the buyers into making a deal with them.

Virtual tour is one such technique in which when a photo editing like Outsource Infotech is given a bunch of photos that meet from end to end, we will stitch them together and provide a tour around the house. This creates an illusion of the buyers visiting the house without actually having to visit it. With the help of high-end tools and the panoramic images, photo editors at Outsource Infotech can provide excellent Virtual Tours that will baffle the audience and convince them to buy the property.

The main advantage of Virtual Tours is that a buyer can easily go on the internet, pick the property that he likes and have a small 360 degree view of the same. Learning from experiences, we have come to a conclusion that virtual tours works out cheaper for the realtors and also provide employment opportunities to many who thrive for a safe living. Outsource Infotech has gathered a team of experts who have been working on Virtual Tours for a long time and have successfully helped many realtors make numerous sales over the internet.

Our Services are:

  • cost effective
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