OnePageX — Zero Percent Fees, No Registration and Easy to Use Cryptocurrency Exchange

OnePageX already had a pretty interesting One Page Cryptocurrency Exchange Proposition and if that was not enough, they have just made the Exchange 0% Fees for all of 2018.

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What to know what OnePageX is all about?

Read on.

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At a time when the ICO market is flourishing with new tokens being added every month, the going looks good for all. As we speak there are nearly 1500+ tokens trading at various exchanges across the globe. The only challenge that is being faced at the moment is the exchanges and their numbers. For 1500 tokens to be traded across the globe there are only 200 exchanges enabling them. To give a better perspective, the total trades in cryptocurrencies are closer to USD 220 billion yet only 200 exchanges enable them.

Also, the issues with KYC and others documents requirement only delay things and novice traders don’t bother to trade at all. The safety and security of personal information shared with the exchanges are also problematic. The user is never sure how it is going to be used or what is the guarantee for privacy. The best example is of exchanges shutting shop and taking user information along with them.

Obviously, the need of the hour is to have an exchange which can provide a wide array of tokens and cryptocurrency options and less of documentation. Well, the good news is that OnePageX offers exactly that!

OnePageX did we say?

Yes, OnePageX is the cool exchange solution that is available out there and ticks all the right boxes. So, what are the right boxes?

Here they are:

1. No Registration

OnePageX is one of the few exchanges which takes red-tape head-on. The requirement of documents is an overkill especially when the governing authorities are not even asking for it. In fact, there are no governing regulations in place yet in most places. So, where is the need to collect customer documents unnecessarily?

OnePageX has realized this issue and hence done away registration altogether. If we have to trade, the simple interface allows us to choose the cryptocurrencies and trade and complete. As easy as that!

2. Simple Interface with 140 Cryptocurrencies

Readers would have experienced those complex layouts on some of the exchanges which makes us feel uninvited. There is no reason for the exchanges to be complex, in fact, they are supposed to be easy to navigate. That is website development 101. Yet, many forget this basic principle.

Thankfully OnePageX takes care of this. The interface is so simple that all that a user has to do is select cryptocurrencies through a drop down and get on with converting it. As the name suggests, it is a One Page Exchange (X). What’s more, there are 140 popular cryptocurrencies to trade from; that’s nearly 10% of the cryptos out there.

3. 0% Fees for 2018

While OnePageX had all the elements of a winner already, they just went ahead and raised the bar a notch high by making the fees 0% for the whole of 2018. So, here is an exchange which requires no registration, has 140 cryptocurrencies to trade and 0% fees for trading in those cryptocurrencies. Honestly, has there been a better news about exchanges in the recent past? I bet there were none.

So, what are you waiting for just go ahead and use OnePageX. If you want to know how to trade, then the steps are shown below.

Trading on OnePageX

There are just three simple steps:

Step 1: Pick the Two Assets to Convert

Step 2: Enter Withdrawal Address and click “Start Exchange”

Step 3: Deposit and Done!

OnePageX Widget

OnePageX also makes it easier for websites intending to provide the exchange capability to their readers and guests. All that needs to be done is to copy paste the snipped in the image below and get started!! Simple, isn’t it?


OnePageX is a solution is a blend of simplicity and robustness. Simplicity to allow users an easy experience while robust to manage all the transactions that are carried on over the Exchange. It is easily a good exchange in an overly complex market where the majority of the population keeps away just because of this complexity.

OnePageX can be trusted to bring in first-time users who had so long kept away from the crypto-market. In doing so, OnePageX is playing a vital role in increasing the breadth and reach of the crypto-market!!

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Image Courtesy: OnePageX Resources