The Perfect Match, episode 3

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Photo by Timur M on Unsplash

When I came out of the toilet at that bar and saw that she had left, I thought I had lost her. I hurried out into the street and looked up and down the street. The cars made noise with the tires against the wet asphalt, but there were no pedestrians to be seen, neither to the left nor to the right.

It was annoying! I was pretty desperate. I was wondering if I should run after her. Whether I should go up or down the street just by chance to look for her. But I found out there was no point, so I went back in and ordered a new beer and drank it. …


The Perfect Match, episode 2

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Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

2 She said I was a good guy

It’s a little difficult to understand, what happened. Many times during these 20 years she told me that I was a decent guy. She said I was easy to live with. The first time she saw me, she liked me right away, she told me. So it was a little weird, this.

After she left, I picked up my cell phone and called her. It rang many times. Finally the ringing stopped. I thought she had answered, but there was no sound there. Maybe the phone was off, yes maybe she had turned off the phone so I would not reach her. …


I share the fate of millions and billions

suddenly, out of almost nothing
a moment
an insight that follows me in everything
- the great common WE
which unites us

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Photo © Øivind H. Solheim

Realizing that I am no one
Means that I understand
With heart and mind
That I share the fate
Of millions and billions of humans
Who like myself
Are moving their bodies across the surface
Of this planet earth

As I walk over long distances
Alone in the dawnlight
As we walk together with our loved ones
Kissed by the evening sun
We look around us
We watch our fellow travelers
We try to see them and we wish
We could guess their…


Øivind H. Solheim

Co-founder and co-owner of Blue Insights. Writes novels and poetry, articles, essays. Online courses, (

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