The residents of Park View Island have been living in danger for far too long. Can you imagine taking a walk outside your house on your street and getting run over? Or having your car crashed into by cars perpendicularly pulling out of driveways? That is the reality residents of Michael St. , Gary Avenue, Raymond St, and Bruce St. have to deal with every day. Why? Because our streets have no sidewalks.

The City of Miami Beach has failed its residents consistently over the years by neglecting to complete infrastructural upgrades such as sidewalks for residents to walk safely on.

Park View Island is a somewhat secluded island that is home to a host of diverse residents. There are older residents that have been here for decades, rearing their families on the island, and there are young professionals and families that have bought homes and settled here in recent years.

The island features apartments, condominiums, and townhouses. All are a little different from the other, but nearly all enjoy views of the water. Much of its Eastern side is occupied by the 250-plus unit Park View Point condominium Tower, built in 1964. Condos and Townhomes, some from the 50’s and some from the 80’s fill the rest. Many have docks on the intracoastal canal. However, homeowners have not organized and no HOA exists. Homeowners previously last an association on the island in 2006, the City registered Association has not really been active in years. Could that explain the City of Miami Beach’s Neglect?

In recent years, Park View Island has enjoyed the renovation of the Children’s Playground, Park and Parking lot on Michael St. and the opening of the Kayak Launch at the entrance of the island. The beautification projects, however, fall short.

At present something as basic as walking to the corner is very dangerous. Particularly Gary Avenue and Raymond St, are an accident waiting to happen. As you can see on the photos attached, there is no actual raised sidewalk protecting residents from oncoming traffic. What we have is a really narrow street with red-painted storm drains on both sides of the street. This may have been to standard back in the 50’s, but is way subpar for today’s codes and standards.

Imagine going for a walk in the evening with your kids or elders and having to share the one street lane with moving cars, motorcycles and bicycles, as well as with cars that constantly pull backwards out of their driveways. This is a hazard and lowers the quality of life for all residents, Particularly for Families with Young Children, the Elderly and the Disabled.

The residents and taxpayers of Park View Island are saying enough is enough. We are fed up with being ignored. We must organize and advocate for our island. We must demand representation in the impending North Beach Community Redevelopment Agency that will include Park View Island, and ensure that funds are directed to our much-needed infrastructure.


1. Electrical Post removed, Electrical Underground. Communications cables underground.

2. Implement new street plan, upgrading parking on Michael St. , Gary Avenue, Raymond St. and Bruce St.

Taking into consideration new raised sidewalks without taking away resident parking spots, having as little impact as possible on current parking capacity with goal to increase parking capacity on the island overall.

3. Build raised Sidewalks on Gary Avenue, and Raymond St.To protect residents from oncoming traffic and improve quality of life for all, especially children, elderly and disabled residents.

The residents of Park View Island must come together looking forward, North Beach will undergo much development and change in the coming years. We must ensure that our island home is not forgotten this time round. We need these upgrades urgently. Let’s work together to create a better neighborhood, a safer, more comfortable and better organized community that offers the highest possible quality of life for residents.

Entrepreneur / Business Owner / Community Activist