NLP for bots, and bots for NLP

What’s a bot?

The bot evaluates your replies and announces the winner after 8 minutes. Made by @muffinista.
The creator of this beautiful piece of art (piece of artist?) is Allison Parrish.
One of the many wonderful bots made by Nora Reed.
Also made by Nora Reed.
Made by Sui Sea.
This one is by me.
I solved this — can you? I bet you can after making your first 5 bots. Source: The 2013 MIT Mystery Hunt. This version retrieved from
This bot tweet lives in an adjective-phrase-first world.
And this one lives in a world followed-by-an-adjective-phrase.

How to be a #botALLY

  • They help you (and your students) formalize intuitions about human language;
  • They help you practice programming tasks like corpus processing, usage of various APIs, string manipulation with or without regular expressions, and more, depending on the nature of your bot;
  • They help you get to meet cool people in a cool community built on mutual respect, shared excitement about bots and interest in all sorts of human and non-human matters;
  • And finally, being excited about twitterbots often leads to involvement in open source projects and sharing the results of your work in a friendly community.




PhD student in computational linguistics in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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Esther Seyffarth

Esther Seyffarth

PhD student in computational linguistics in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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