Should I use Mongoose in a Node.js application?

Mongoose is a Node.Js library that provides MongoDB object mapping similar to ORM with a familiar interface within Node.js. If you aren’t familiar with Object Relational Mapping (ORM) or, Object Data Mapping (ODM) in the case of Mongoose, this means is that Mongoose translates data in the database to JavaScript objects for use in your application.

MongoDB Drivers (like other drivers) on the other hand is a software designed by the MongoDB team and other sources to provide native support for MongoDB in the various programming languages. It sits as a layer that handles the communication with the language-specific implementations and MongoDB itself.

You can create a Node.JS app without Mongoose for example (that will require that you make of primitive APIs exposed by MongoDB via the driver), but you can not actually communicate with MongoDB (or any DB engine) without its driver.

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