Here’s a quick recap of the Trumpocalypse circa Day 115 (today, Monday, 15 May 2017)
SF Ali

Like all bullies, this orangutan oligarch needs a thrashing by the proverbial 90-pound weakling in the school yard. In this case, it should be someone within the Republicans who will admit they have seen the light and, in an act of righteousness, will sacrifice his/her political career, give up the golden parachute of all those nifty tax-free benefits that follow a former Senator or Representative, and denounce this fucking narcissistic, sociopathic​ moron by exposing what they ALL ALREADY KNOW. Forget waiting for WikiLeaks or the drawn out special investigate commission; there is enough on the table, evidence aplenty, to foist this fuck on his out petard.

Republicans, you can save us all and be heroes…if you have the stones to take not the easy way out, but the RIGHT one.