Training Wheels of the Divine
Jonas Ellison

So, for my birthday, I get “training wheels”.

But I’m a pretty accomplished rider, you understand…

And these training wheels ARE pretty spiff, keeping me upright when the forces I (may) have set in motion are screwing me into the earth…

I have trophies that attest to my ability to fly off that curb, up that wall, over the lip and return to earth unscathed…mostly…

I love the gift…really…but the one from whom you got them, I’ve always found him/her/it/them a little suspect. I mean, how can I be certain that these wheels made by THOSE will function as advertised?

{The lip looks a little (full frontal truth…a LOT) more daunting these days, like it’s curling back, taking the occasional swing at me while I make my daily ride up the inside curl}

Non-monkey-mind memory: it’s not (just/only) the gift, but the intention that moved the offering.

Are you telling me that…THOSE…had a reason for sending me training wheels? Had a purpose for you bringing them to me?

{Would gasp at the dawning of all of this…if I could even inhale right now}

…but I didn’t get you anything, Preacher.