On Muslim American wokeness
SF Ali


We don’t talk at all, but I need you to know that at least when YOU talk, I listen, I learn, I appreciate, I expand, I react, I examine, I weep, I recover, I agree and, most and best of all, I LOVE you for all of your Wonderlandian “muchness”. In particular, your holy rant on Muslim “wokeness” is an eye-opening exposé on the spiritual pandemic facing EVERY organized religion and life tradition. You think my fellow Buddhists are pure?! Come visit ANY new temple or shrine in California and you will see the sickening state of “Keeping up with the Karmapas”; Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Vietnamese cash pours into bigger, better, brighter buildings, meanwhile, the Buddha squatted in the mud under trees, having no worldly use for such materialistic dreck.

In short, you, my Muslim brother and True Seeker, are as loud as the 10,000 lightning blasts that echo the Dharmata (the Voice of Truth in Buddhism). Your words and your artful smithing and smiting are as educational as they come. Pour it on…