Blog #5: Ten things I learned in 2016

Ten things I learned that I’ll never forget

This was a beautiful but hard year for me. It was a year full of experiences and surprises. In this year I laugh, smile, played, got hurt, cried and grew up mentally and physically. I learned and that learning will never be forgotten. In this 2016 I learned hundreds of valuable lessons but I just going to mention ten, the ten most important things that happened to me this year 2016:

1. I became president of my 2016 Senior Year Class. That was one of the best thing that happened to me because of that position that I had in High School, I learned to be responsible and how to be a leader.

2. I was accepted in Graceland University. After that happen, I realize that everything is possible if you have the desire to achieve it. I learned to never give up on the things you want.

3. I learned how to cook. After I received the notice that I was accepted in Graceland University, I decide to learn how to cook because I needed to be prepared for any situation that could happen while I’m here in Iowa.

4. Music. I learned how to play instruments. Most of my friends are musician and my father is a musician too, so I wanted to learn how to play an instrument and I did.

5. Culture. I learned about the importance of knowing your culture and the culture of other people around the world. Knowing where you and them come from, creates strong attachments because you show respect and empathy towards other people.

6. Be independent. Before and after coming to Graceland University, I learned that it was important to learn how to do things for yourself and by yourself without needing someone else.

7. Create friendships. I learned how to be social and how to give people the opportunity to be part of your life. Be being by yourself is not always a good option. Sometimes we need people to be around.

8. No procrastination. Being responsible and organize when it comes to study is the key for having good grades and no stress. Unfortunately, I learned that too late but at least I did.

9. Build character. I learned in this 2016 that being mentally strong will lead you to success. Having your thoughts and goals clear, helps you to reach success easily and faster.

10. God. I learned that the only one that can calm your storm is God. He is your true friend, the one that will never fail you. God is the one who have your life planned out and that will hold you whenever you stumble.

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