Why eCards is a better way to send greetings during 2020 Christmas

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eCards greetings are digital expressions of different emotions sent in the form of an email or personal message to spark up someone’s mood or day. Over time, the electronic system of greetings has transformed into several approaches which include animated, videos, fun emojis and personalised messages.

For the past few months, the use of eCards as a form of a message or greeting has tremendously increased partly due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, also partly due to the reality that an eCard is safer and kinder to the environment than traditional paper.

One of the perfect ways to send Christmas greetings this season is to send a charity Christmas video ecard to friends, family and loved ones.

Why do I need to send eCards instead of a traditional paper card this Christmas season? Here are some reasons.

Sending an eCard is less expensive than a traditional paper card

Add up the cost of your paper cards and postage plus the time it takes to get signatures, pack envelopes, write addresses etc. That time could be spent driving your business forward.


Even if you forgot to send your best client holiday greeting and only have a day or even hours left, you can still do it last minute because ecards can be sent almost instantly. All you will need to complete is the layout and message before you press the send button. Thereby, saving time, money and still providing a warm touch to the client.

Environmental Benefits

E-cards use zero paper because there simply is no physical card and no need for an envelope. These cards also do not require physical production or transport, saving precious natural resources such as oil and fossil fuels.

Money Saver

Almost all e-cards are free or cost only a fraction of a standard paper card. This way, you can send as many as you like without having to whittle down your Christmas list to save costs.

Time Saver

You can send e-cards from the convenience of your own home or office, saving you the time that it takes to physically go out and purchase a card. In addition, you can send multiple cards at once. This can be a huge time saver, particularly if you are sending out a large batch of thank-you cards.

Instant Delivery

When you send your e-card, your recipient finds it in her inbox instantly. Paper cards take days or even weeks to get through the mail, depending on the destination. You can send an e-card without having to worry about sending it in advance.

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