Dissemination of advertising blockers

Jun 26 · 3 min read

The Internet has become the most popular medium in the world. Despite this, television still plays an important role in the life of each of us. In the past it was unrivaled, today it has to adapt its face to the needs and expectations of a new type of consumer — brought up in the age of the Internet. Greater freedom of choice in the content selection has made the Internet a dominant medium. However, creativity in both the Internet and television is dependent on income, which in the majority of cases comes from advertising.

We know what the audience’s approach to advertising is. For the most part, we talk about reluctance, boredom, and even irritation. Internet users massively install plugins in their browsers to block the display of advertisements. Internet content creators and advertisers lose out on this, but their actions are contrary to what the recipients expect.

TV users did not have such a possibility to limit the display of advertisements. The only solutions were to change the channel, leave the TV or switch it off. This was connected with the risk of leaving a part of the program.
This niche in “limiting” the number of advertisements is slowly beginning to fill. There are mobile applications that allow users to monitor the intensity of advertisements, receive notifications when the advertisement starts, how long it will last and when the program will resume. In this case, the difference between TV and the Internet is considerable, as the specificity of TV does not allow automatic viewing without advertising. However, this facilitation is also significant for the viewer, as it allows them to plan other activities in order to use their time more efficiently.

The phenomenon of such solutions occurring in the case of both television and the Internet confirms the thesis that the advertising market requires significant changes. This change concerns mainly consumer behavior, which is as dynamic as technological development.

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