Looking For Efficiency

The definition of good advertising is short. It increases the sales of product or service, it is remembered and creates a positive brand image. It seems simple, but it’s a very difficult task for advertisers and publishers to create something unique that will distinguish them from the huge competition on the advertising market.

Advertising expenditure on a global scale is growing every year. More and more new products and services are introduced to the market and consumer demands are also growing. In this situation, owners of a companies want to present their offer. All in all, this means that we have almost an infinite number of advertisements in space. Also on the Internet.

The Internet, as a powerful tool, has become a serious platform for the presentation of advertising. However, it encountered resistance from some users. We have already mentioned AdBlock and its effects on the advertising market many times. However, it is worthwhile to think about the procedures used by advertisers to bypass it. There are many of them — more or less effective. Starting with requests to disable the software blocking the ads and ending with the blocking of websites. Nevertheless, the number of users of such software is constantly growing, because advertising is perceived as burdensome and annoying.

Imagine a different scenario. Advertisers and broadcasters in search of opportunities that will increase their income from advertising will start to go further and further. Currently we are dealing with a blockade of certain content if we do not watch the advertisement. However, what happens when we are forced to watch ads?

In one episode of the Black Mirror series such a solution was presented. Displayed ads can be skipped only by paying a fee. Closing your eyes or turning your head away does not help, because it triggers messages and irritating sounds that force you to continue watching the advertising.

Although this is only an artistic vision, it is frightening to admit it. When we consider the theoretical possibilities of such solution, we come to the conclusion that it is also ineffective. Because it is associated with oppression, injunction and enslavement.

Therefore, the most effective advertising should operate on completely opposite principles than in this fictional world. Advertising is supposed to encourage and offer something in return. Then there will be no need for additional rules and restrictions, because users will want to watch the advertisements themselves. Ojooo offers many opportunities for advertisers, but certainly the most important advantage of this platform is its efficiency.

The value of the advertising market is growing every year, but the effectiveness of advertisements is decreasing. In order to change this trend, advertisers should change their thinking about advertising and focus on the real needs and expectations of consumers. Only through such actions will advertising be able to be a tool fully fulfilling its role.