Pop-up Attack

Browsing websites has become difficult recently. We have mentioned online advertising many times, but nowadays Internet users have to deal with another problem. While visiting the website we are forced to read a lot of information, which we have to accept or reject. Only after several clicks we can start browsing the website properly.

What attacks us?

It all depends on the website, but most often we have to accept the terms of use of cookies or personalize the settings of it. We must accept the use of our personal data in accordance with GDPR regulations. We must determine whether we want to receive notifications from the website. Admins also want to know if we would like to subscribe to the newsletter and receive a discount on the articles or services presented on the website. Sometimes we also have to specify our location and the currency. Acceptance or rejection of these notifications does not take a lot of time, but by visiting several or more pages a day, the total time spent on it becomes noticeable. Of course, the website owners have to comply with the regulations that require them to display certain notifications, but some of them do so in a not very delicate way. Let’s add to this an Internet advertisement in the pop-up window. Dissatisfaction and even irritation among users increases even more.

User way vs. Owner way

We all use the Internet and unfortunately we all have to deal with it. Each of us is also the recipient of advertisements presented on the Internet. So let’s think for a moment, when we have to close several notification windows, do we pay attention to the content of the advertisement? There is no clear answer to this question, but we can guess that many of us will not even pay attention to the content of the advertising message. So the effectiveness in such a case is very low.

More and more websites are imposing restrictions on users of advertising blocking programmes. From the perspective of the owners of such websites, this is a natural procedure. Website owners have to bear significant costs in order to maintain, update and change the website. The source of their income is the allocation of part of the site space for advertising. When the number of people using blockers increases, the income decreases.

However, from the perspective of people using advertising blockers, this action is also understandable. There are sites that display advertising in an accessible and optimal way. But there are sites that literally attack the viewer with ads without allowing him or her to move freely around the website. This is why such programs have been developed and are more and more often used.

Compromise solution

In this situation pop-up advertisements do not make much sense. Because the cost/effect ratio is disproportionate. Advertisers should use websites that act as advertising poles. However, this system cannot rely solely on the presentation of advertising content because the user will not have any interest in visiting such a website. There is a solution! And it’s called Ojooo!

Ojooo not only offers advertising space, but also attracts the attention of the audience, thanks to the remuneration system. This makes it an attractive solution for each side of the advertising process. Many years of experience of Ojooo’s staff made it possible to create an effective tool for every participant of the advertising process. It is simple and accessible to every user. 
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