Disappearing Boundaries Of Advertising

What can be the space for an advertiser? Everything. Almost every space can be a medium of information about a specific product or service. This also applies primarily to broadcasting and virtual space. The popularity of audiovisual media has led advertisers to perceive it as a very attractive place to present their own advertisements. The time constraint on television and the perception of the audience meant that advertising slowly began to sneak into individual productions.

Product placement. The character of the series uses the computer of a specific brand, and the presenters of the program are dressed by a specific clothing company. Certain consumer behaviors and even a specific lifestyle are promoted. This procedure is becoming more and more popular, but also more and more overused. Two sides of the advertising process can benefit from it. The broadcaster gains additional profits for production by introducing certain brands into the program’s plot. On the other hand, the advertiser gains additional advertising space, which is much more attractive than advertising blocks during breaks between individual programs. The third party of the advertising process, i.e. the recipient, was ignored in the whole procedure. In the way of thinking of advertisers and broadcasters, the recipient often appears as the least important. This is a mistake because it is up to the recipient of the program or advertisement to determine the success of the campaign.

The recipient shows consumer behavior and creates reality. Whether something becomes popular or is forgotten depends on its decision. The omission of the recipient as the most important participant in the advertising process has had certain effects. Advertising started to struggle with very big problems. The perception of the advertised content has changed, and it has been accompanied by such feelings as discouragement or anger. 
Advertising no longer had any effect. Also in the case of product placement procedures, the recipients are able to notice the moments when this phenomenon occurs and become immune to such a message. There are also opinions that product placement has a very bad reception, which results in a lack of trust in TV stations, film or TV series producers, actors, but most importantly, the brand.


Placing the viewer in the last place of the advertising process is a serious mistake. It should be in the first place of the process, because, as we have mentioned, everything really depends on it. That is why in Ojooo the recipient is the most important. We make sure that the advertisements that reach him are compatible with his expectations and interests. And that is why we offer remuneration for the possibility of displaying ads to the user. Because it is required by the modern consumer — he gives his time but expects a specific value in return.

Advertising reaches for various methods to reach potential customers. These are worse or better methods, but always remember who is the most important. No advertiser, no sender. Recipient. It is up to his opinion to determine the success or failure of the advertising campaign.