Twinkle, Twinkle Little… Ad

Just a few weeks ago, we wrote about technological possibilities that could take advertising into space. Today we know that theoretical assumptions will become a fact. In two years’ time, we will see the first advertisement in the sky. Who will take this first milestone in the history of advertising? Pepsi.
This company together with the Russian startup announced that they are starting work on the first advertisement, which will be visible from practically every place on earth. While the range of this type of promotion will be huge, the costs of such an advertisement may seem unimaginable. At the moment, there are no estimates of the costs, but knowing their amount in the case of traditional space missions, one can expect that they will be very high. 
Advertising will surely gain wide publicity in the media, which will additionally increase its popularity. However, as far as the effectiveness of such advertising is concerned, we have to wait for the results after its completion. 
Advertising reaches the sky. And there is no significant exaggeration in this saying. The prices of such advertising will also reach heaven, which means that only a small percentage of companies will be able to afford the sky-high promotion.
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