Words Written With Images

Jun 4 · 3 min read

Effective advertising is one that uses various techniques to reach a potential customer and be remembered. But how to create an effective advertising campaign in today’s world? We have to look at the recipients, their perception and how to effectively reach them with our message.

Our grandparents, or great-grandparents, learned about the world from newspapers, radio, and books. The transmission of information took place at a completely different speed than at present. The informations reached the recipients with a few days’ delays. Currently, such information reaches the recipients in a few seconds, regardless of where they are. Time is crucial — because our generation does not like to wait. The past has already existed, and we are interested in what is happening here and now. Global society is becoming more and more like a common brain. Information, like impulses, reaches out to individual areas and activates them in order to create a certain impression.

What was the reason for such a drastic acceleration of the communication process? Mass production and use of screens. From TVs to computers to smartphone screens. The presence of radio and newspapers as information carriers has been much more imaginative than with screens. We do not want to evaluate the positive or negative impact of technological development on human cognitive abilities, but the change is noticeable.

Today’s consumers want to see what they can buy. Commercial offers must include, first and foremost, graphics that illustrate the product or service. The description of a particular offer is a lower value than its graphic presentation. Therefore, a modern advertiser must take into account the fact that consumers look at the world in a picturesque way. Even the most creative description of a product or service will not have the same impact on the recipient as its pictorial representation.

The image is characterized by the fact that it is absorbed by the brain faster and requires less commitment from the recipient. Therefore, it is more convenient to interpret and is ideal for advertising. The reappropriation of text from the advertisement or reducing it to a minimum is an irreversible process. People think through images, so in this way, you should create and direct messages to them.

Ojooo as an advertising platform perfectly understands the mechanisms allowing to increase the effectiveness of advertising. Therefore, ads published on Ojooo are visual, and their preparation takes a few seconds. With PrintScreen, you can present your website in a few moments. You can also add your own graphics. Creating a campaign is flexible and allows you to make any modifications.

The supremacy of the image over the text has become a fact. You can agree or disagree with it, but from the perspective of an advertiser, you have to accept it. Only a graphic form of promotion will make it effective. The modern generation has completely changed the way information is processed and produced. Observing the technological progress we can only assume what the future will look like and what will replace the screens.


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