Your Time, Your Choice
Jun 12 · 3 min read

The day lasts 24 hours. Skip the hours we spend on sleeping, working and housework. We have about 4–6 hours left, which we spend on meetings with family and friends or just relaxing. This is our time, which we want to have in such a way as to gain strength and be satisfied. However, during this time there are elements that seem inconspicuous, but they take away minutes or even hours.

When using the Internet for entertainment purposes, did you encounter any advertisements, e.g. before or during video materials? Usually these were short materials of several seconds, which you watched or omitted if there was such a possibility. Let’s make a simple calculation. Let’s start with the Internet. When you visit video platforms, advertisements appear very often. We usually spend several dozen minutes on such websites. Let’s say, we watched about 10 video materials. Each of them was preceded by an advertisement lasting 30 seconds. The time we spent watching the ads lasted 5 minutes in total. Not much, right? But let us change the scale of this phenomenon and stretch it over time. Assuming we use the Internet in the same way every day, we will see ads for 35 minutes in a week, and 150 minutes (2,5 hours) in a month. A year it is more than 30 hours! More than a day spent on watching short ads. This assumption is of course general, because we often spend much more time using the Internet.

Let us therefore analyse the same situation in the case of television. Let us assume that we watch one film a day on a commercial television station. A 2-hour film that is interrupted by 3 blocks of commercials that last 7 minutes each. In total, this gives us 21 minutes a day. Weekly 147 minutes, i.e. over 2 hours. Monthly 630 minutes, i.e. 10.5 hours. Annually it is over 127 hours, i.e. more than 5 days. 5 days of each year, which we spend on watching content that is actually imposed on us.

The above comparisons are illustrative. Their aim is to show how much time we spend watching advertising content. On a daily basis it may seem like a small amount of time, but on a yearly basis it is a significant period of time. We spent time watching the prepared advertising materials. Our private time. What did we get in return? In terms of information, it can be said that we had the opportunity to learn about new products or services and their attractive prices. And in terms of materiality? Nothing. Nothing at all. We spend a few days a year watching ads for which we do not get any material value. This is the reason for the growing reluctance to advertise among Internet users and television recipients. This is why the use of ad-blockers has become very popular.

Advertising in its design should create a positive image of the company, attract new customers and retain regular customers. Currently, in few cases advertising meets these criteria, which means that confidence in the content of the advertised products is declining.

Ojooo knows the attitude of the modern consumer. Many years of experience in the advertising industry has allowed us to learn about the expectations of the advertised content. We believe that the best advertising offers a direct benefit for the recipient. Thanks to this, each user at any time for himself can see the proposals offered by advertisers. They are not imposed from above. Every user can watch advertisements in their free time, during travel, during a break at work. For each watched advertisement, the user receives a remuneration. You have the right to freely decide about your time. Also in terms of advertising. Visit Ojooo. Check our offer. Watch the ads and get more!

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