Tiny Chores

I’d like to try and fix a tiny problem you have with software. The more mediocre the better. As long as it’s an idea that would make you personally more productive or happy.

I’m asking because I can design and build digital products and services. I feel that given the insight, I hope to be able to make something of great value to you and perhaps many others.

Perhaps there’s a little digital chore that takes you ten minutes everyday. A form on a webpage that you awkwardly fill twice a day. Or an email workflow that’s slow or tedious. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a bespoke solution? Perhaps an app, digital assistant or even a button, that would make that problem disappear.

For example, I worked in an office with a clunky website that we had to keep updated. If you spotted a typo on a page, it would take some time to find the place in the administration section where it could be edited. So I came up with a small script, that you could run by click on a bookmark. It would take you to the editing page in an instant, and saved a bit of time for everyone, everyday.

No chore too small! The more boring the better.