How To Promote Your Blog

Free Website Promotion…Why Not?
 Is it even possible for one to promote blog without spending? Is that even plausible?
 Obviously yes! These days, your new blog can generate a huge traffic in no time thanks to free blog promotion.
 How can one go about this free blog promotions?
 1. Enlist your blog.
 Search for the hottest Internet directories and submit your blog to them. There are many of these sites online like bestoftheweb and ontoplist. This is the easiest and most effective way to promote your blog without spending a dime. Begin with this step and see the traffic begin to build up on your blog.
 Simply bear in mind to build a good design and write great unique contents to stand a good chance of being accepted on these programs.
 2. Participate in forums.
 One of the main ideas behind forums is for the members to advertise their products and services without spending at all. Discover the forums in your niche Sign in, become active, try to solve other people’s problems. Make yourself look professional and people will notice and want to know more about you, this in turn will lead them to your blog.
 3. Compose a press release.
 Display your writing prowess and write-up a press release that promotes your blog! This is a free blog promotion strategy that you can do at any time. Type a brief passage or two and email it to your friends, partners, web e-zines, daily papers and other media and massive traffic will come to you immediately!
 4. Be friendly online.
 Free blog promotions means you should be very friendly to other webmasters. Why? So they can help and link to your blog! Be in contacts with them and never stop asking them for links and exchanges.
 5. Write an article.
 Say, your blog is about your travel. Compose an article about the advantages of travelling or the most sizzling travel spots on the planet. On the closing passage, specify your blog in passing. This article acts as an advertorial and serves as a free blog promotions tactics.
 6. Just let the entire world know about your blog.
 What is free blog promotion without the word of mouth? Embed your blog, its URL and elements in day by day discussions and let the good news spread from mouth to mouth!
 7. Make a banner ad.
 Make a banner for your blog and exchange with another webmaster’s banner ad.
 8. Take up a free site advancement course on the web.