But there is nothing wrong with said app, just with the person’s way of using it. Like you said: expectations. As long as you’re realistic about what it is and just use it to meet people then it’s pretty great really.
Meeting people irl sons meeting them through an app any time in my book.
Tiddo Muda

Great! — We both agree that expectations are bad. My point is that dating apps ramp up people’s expectations. It’s really not a question of whether they should or shouldn’t. They just do. And that isn’t good for the people using them. If an app/service, whose purported goal is to help you find a partner, actually makes that harder, doesn’t that detract from said app/service? It sure does, in my book.

Now, if you want to disagree that the apps affect peoples expectations, then I encourage you to make a convincing counter-argument that at least addresses the problem of “supermarket mindset” that I describe.