How to create and use Phantom Wallet?

A useful wallet that you can use to transact on decentralized platforms in the Solana network: Phantom Wallet

Although there are many wallets on the Solana network, today we will talk about a simple and useful wallet.

Official accounts first:



Before proceeding with the wallet setup:
1- Do not give your secret words to anyone.
2- Do not give your private key to anyone.
3- Do not store your secret word and key on digital devices. (Phone, computer etc.)
4- Write your secret word and key on a few sheets of paper and keep them.

Phantom Wallet Setup

1- Open the browser you are using.
2- Go to the Phantom Wallet official website.
3- Click the ‘download’ button in the upper right corner.
4- Here you will see ios and desktop browser options. Let’s move on to desktop.
5- Choose the browser you want to install the wallet on and it will direct you to the market where you can download the wallet.
6- After adding it to your browser, the Phantom Wallet screen will appear. Here select ‘create a new wallet’.
7- Create the password you need to access your wallet.
8- Save your secret recovery phrase.
9- Complete the wallet setup by saying ‘next’ and ‘finish’.
10- You can access your wallet by clicking the Phantom Wallet logo in the upper right corner of your browser.
11- When you first open the wallet, you can copy your wallet address by clicking on the part that says ‘Wallet 1’.
12- That’s all!

In our next articles, we will have articles about the other features of Phantom Wallet and Solana NFT markets.

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Hi, we are CryptOka. We share the upcoming #NFTs projects with you by scanning the internet every day.

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CryptOka #SolanaNFTs

CryptOka #SolanaNFTs

Hi, we are CryptOka. We share the upcoming #NFTs projects with you by scanning the internet every day.

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