Controlled society


Equality and orderly, but seem to not even poverty and conflict ideal society,
Reality is deer thorough management and control,
Freedom or even in appearance only,
Dignity and human nature is negative somewhere as a person.

The depiction is different for each work,
Following such problems Yuku are soon portrayed as a typical pattern.

There is a purge.

System (leader) is
In propaganda of their own political system
And brainwashed the people disguised as “ideal society”,

The person who rebelled against the regime security organization to eliminate from society added sanctions.

Freedom of expression has been compromised,
Society to publications that are considered harmful is to be banned, confiscated.

Disparities society exists.

Under the citizen class that has been recognized as leaders of society,

Human treatment are not poverty class-cheonmin exists,

In fact the difference between the rich and poor has become a violent society.

For citizen class to live in society of the frame,
System knows and manage the citizen class at the level of pedigree and DNA.

Birth control is performed. It forced me to adjust or maintain the population
There is a need, family planning of citizens,

Even love, sexual activity and pregnancy and childbirth, etc.

Even part surrounding breeding of the human race are managed by society.

By obscurantist policy, for these negative aspects,
It is captured as a matter of course things from citizen class or
It has become a fully concealed society.

Or more. I am afraid it is like the future of Japan’s forecast view.

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