The end of the national strategy zones and health care

National strategy Zone is a radical deregulation that can not be in the national
Is performed to be limited to the region, we are gradually plans to spread across the country.

What will do is positioned among insurance health care this?

Insurance market of Japan is reflected and 40 trillion yen for foreign investors
Since public expenditure is to disturb it, and I can not be a business.

We want to first lifting of the ban a mixed practice in the special zones.

New drugs, new treatment I want to self-pay.

Iki steadily increase the self-pay portion,

If the treatment outside the special zones
If you want to receive, the country will to reduce the public expenditure make a significant deregulation.

Mere facade of national health insurance in the country will occur. It is a nation-wide ban of mixing medical care at the same time.

New drugs, new treatment is it what is the market with a 40 trillion yen of taste for the foreign investors.

Overseas Private insurance has appeared, everyone please go into this, it will be.

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