Professional deformation (distortion)
Oleg Slobodskoi

Well, yes, but programming is all unnatural. This distortion is only a set of professional habits. Or skills. Skills are also more or less habits, they also “live” in basal ganglia.

Another unnatural thing in the grey area between skills and distortion is reading. Not code reading, but simply reading prose. It is unnatural to stare at letters for information, so by introducing some grammar into the code you only shift from one unnatural thing to another, although more common.

I know your feels though. I was trying to make code readable one way or another for ten years now. When I first introduced prepositions into our script language, I encountered rather unexpected disgust from my fellow colleagues. “We don’t have it in C++, why would we have it in the script?” However people who came from game design and not programming were much more supportive. They considered [put rug under table] much more readable than put(rug, table);. I never had the guts to add articles though, I guess I would have been killed by C++ fans if i did.

So yes, name it all you want: damage, deformation, distortion, habit or skill, — this is the part of reality we live in. Some people like all things short and concise, some discrete and verbose. There are all sorts of mutually exclusive ideas about code readability and every single one is right.

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