Hello everyone! In this article, with my teammate Betül Çetinkaya, we are going to write about why we need to use Debezium, what kind of problems we have faced, and how we solved these problems as the Trendyol Seller Finance Team. After a short introduction part and explaining how we benefited from some of the simple but effective features of Debezium by tuning connector configuration, we will specifically focus on SMT we use for message filtering.


If you are unfamiliar with terms like Transactional Log Tailing, Change Data Capture (CDC) pattern or you do not know about how to install…

In this article, I am going to write about a short introduction to Object Storage Service of Alibaba Cloud and why and how we use it in our projects as the Trendyol Seller Core Team. If you are already familiar with Object Storage Service you can skip the introduction part.


As the name suggests, Object Storage Service, in shortly OSS, is the storage service that store any amount of data in the cloud and enables you to manage them. Objects mean any type of file. As users, we want some standard features from these services surely such as highly secure…


Software Engineer at Trendyol

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