Tryin’ to live to be honest

That’s definetely true. You need water and food to live. And I have both of them right now close to me. But I do not have that one thing… which basically… love… No ! actually it is not love. I don’t have fun to be honest. However, I don’t have love either. So I miss two things which are not essential for living. In German, You don’t HAVE fun you MAKE fun. And I can’t make it nowadays. I am not a productive guy.

I always try to solve my problems by ignoring them. That’s a way. That’s a good way to deal with them. But they always beat you in the end. But that’s destiny, right? I think that I am not meant for problems and other things… And fun ofcourse! I am just meant for food and water. Those two are enought for me. The others are all plus but they are not essential. So I’m sure that one day, as I woke up from uneasy dreams, I will find myself transformed in my bed into a gigantic 30 years old guy. True story. And then I will say what have I done omg !

Then I will try to go my useless job as sun reddens.

But nowadays I am jist fine. Everything’s fine by me. Myself is fine by me. It is okay to not have fun or make fun. I am not a fun guy to be honest. I don’t need it. I jist need water and food. And I am very succesful at getting them. So that’s allright. It will be okay. I am going to be jist fine. I don’t wanna have them all. Ofcourse not.