Chú đang làm gì đấy?

Chú đang học.

Ôi cái sự rã rời : ))

You know when you just wasted 2 days to help someone, but then you just didn’t really do anything at all.

Fuck you for coming back to your ‘being n I c e to everyone” state. You don’t really get anywhere do you?

She’s right; you’re still the same, even though you try to mask it really well.

But, on the positive side, bouy, you do now know how to bring yourself back to the balance. A little better. Cope a little bit, here and there.

There are many opinions, and ideas people throw to me. But to be honest to yall, I don’t really think any of you is right, and neither am I. Maybe it’s the way you make yourself so righteous that makes me so tired of you all. But that’s alright. I don’t really hate any of you. It’s just that sometimes it feels itchy, like I want to stand up to all of it.

But then I don’t really care about that all that much, ya know. I’m inherently selfish, and so be it. You be dancing in your world, I’ll be dancing in mine.

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