Cease Day; Peace Day

Cease to ‘bring or come to an end’; Peace the ‘state of serenity or tranquility’.
Friday September 18, 2015 Michael ‘Mike’ Lute and Theresa Jordan Semicolon Tattoos

First observed September 21, 1982, the year before I was born, Peace Day was designed as an International Day of Peace and ceasefire.

Today is Peace Day, but my Personal Peace Day is any 21st day of any month. That date is now what my spouse calls the “non-piece of shit day”. That ‘piece of shit day’ happened July 21, 2015. Two months ago, after months with a plan and honestly years of very dark thoughts in a depressed reality. I made what my therapist calls ‘the most selfish choice one can make’. I luckily was not successful. I don’t know if I wanted to be and I won’t disclose the details of the how, where, when-but I will tell you the WHY(?). I desperately and harmfully wanted the pain to CEASE. Which brings me to today, where I am achieving my state of serenity and tranquillity. In the past 2 months, I have experienced living. I have made memories that make for great stories and a phenomenal personal understanding. I have learned that I am capable of living; I am worthy; I am stronger than I ever knew; I can make great friends; my story isn’t over; I can SHARE!!!

Hannah Shelton and her 4 new found bff got inked. If you can, flip screen upside down to read hidden message.

And yes, I overused semicolons to show you this:

Luke Jordan showing support for his wife and lost friends

1 (800) 273–8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Julianne Lute 1st tattoo and supportive wife to Michael Lute
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