Morning Coffee and Zoloft

How to become depressed in 5 steps

  1. Stop interacting with others. Great options include becoming a primary caregiver for an elderly aging parent or a stay at home parent (sahp). These will slowly isolate the adult from other adults and depression loves isolation. I can personally attest for the effectiveness of detachment from friends experienced in being a sahp.
  2. Slowly (or quickly) lose yourself in your roles. Example: a person is ‘so and so’s spouse’ and no longer SOMEONE. Another option, is when the adult becomes the ‘job title’ and ceases to separate from the role required in the work environment. Deep depression requires loss of personal identity.
  3. Be consumed by the external. Okay this might seem redundant, but one needs to focus on people or task outside of oneself to the point that there is no longer the ability to care for himself/herself. Depression relishes when the individual denies time for self.
  4. Let others define you. If becoming the “role” and focusing on external items hasn’t equated with the feeling of drowning, then it is suggested that the adult let others determine the ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ of life. It is important for depression that one does not have value. This step will take away the ability to trust oneself thus a perfect way erase self worth.
  5. Do NOT talk about depression symptoms. This is probably the most important step because it concretes the depression. The longer the adult lives in isolation with low self worth draining at the personal identity the stronger depression takes hold. The brain chemistry changes and depression takes the lead.

1 (800) 273–8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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