Last week, my friend Alyssa asked for suggestions on a progressive dinner in OKC for her mother-in-law. A progressive dinner is where you have drinks at one place, appetizers at another, dinner at another, and dessert at the last. That way you can try a whole bunch of different local places and let your eating last as long as possible (v. important).

I wrote up this email for her but I thought I would post it because to me it was SO FUN and I would really like to do this exact tour, I created it and it sounds just like a dream.

I didn’t put a price limit on this, but I think you could probably go as high or low as you wanted to.


Savings and Loan: Really creative cocktail menu and fun space. Opened in the last year. Tell the bartenders what you like to drink and they will know the perfect cocktail to make. It would be good to go to early because the crowd can get WEIRD at night. Probably $10-$12 a drink.

Rockford: 70’s themed bar with also some really great cocktails and fun furniture. If your group is somewhat conservative you might want to skip because there’s a giant nude photo of Burt Reynolds, and the whole place is really cheeky. But it’s a really cool and cozy bar. The bartenders might be a little less creative but it’s still a niche place. $8-$10 a drink


Guernsey Park: Asian fusion in a hidden space behind Cuppies and Joe. Everything is really fresh and super different. You could get a couple sushi rolls, and the chicken lollipops which they are known for. They also have a full bar and an extensive cocktail menu if you want to continue the drinking. Apps and sushi will be around $7-$15 per dish.


Chae: Modern Korean. This is my favorite restaurant in OKC. It’s somewhat of a drive down 23rd but worth it. It’s in a small house by the OCU campus. They have large shareables (around $25) and I recommend the Bibimbap. That will be enough for 3 people, and they also have some dope appetizers as well. ALSO if you want to continue to drink I reccomend a shot of Soju. Trust.


Cheevers: Great, classic space on 23rd. Famous for their carrot cake and roasted pecan ice cream roll. Desserts are around $11 each.

The Drake: Not typically a dessert place (seafood restaurant), but they have some sleeper hits here. The lemon cloud pie is SO GOOD (Biscoff crust) and they also have chocolate hushpuppies with milk. I also adore the ambience. It’s a beautiful restaurant.

That’s it! Happy eating.

Mal xo

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