Three Ways In Which OkCredit Is Helping Macro & Micro Businesses

Sep 10, 2019 · 3 min read

The simple, solid, and paperless model of OkCredit have brought about a complete change in the way small and medium businesses function. No more do they have to rely on hand-written diaries or paper-based account books for keeping track of their transactional operations. Instead, they can simply digitize their financial records and view all relevant data about their outstanding balance — anytime, anywhere!

With Ok Credit, we haven’t just provided the MSME sector with massive on-demand visibility, but we have also initiated a silent revolution which harbours the potential to generate long-term ripple effects. This is why it comes as no surprise that more than 20 lakh merchants throughout the country are currently making use of our Ok Credit platform.

Our app has, in fact, helped numerous macro and micro-businesses face everyday challenges by equipping them to :

1. Manage Credit

The primary function of the Ok Credit application is to assist merchants in conducting comprehensive bookkeeping operations. For this purpose, we provide them with a dashboard where names and numbers of all their customers can be conveniently added. This personalized log, which can be accessed at the click of a single button, helps macro and micro- businesses maintain and monitor their transaction records while identifying the customers from whom credit is due.

Photo by Aquib Akhter on Unsplash

2. Save Time & Cost

By maintaining digitized details, we help merchants save both time and money. Macro and micro- businesses don’t have to struggle with updating their hand-written diaries anymore. Neither do they have to purchase expensive account books where debit and credit need to be logged separately. Instead, all they are required to do is download the Ok Credit app on their mobile devices and enter the necessary payment details in a safe, secure, and customized format.

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3. Develop Transparency & Trust

Last but not the least, our app equips macro and micro-businesses to display complete transparency and thereby, gain absolute trust of their customers. We use local languages to send automatic, free SMS updates, which ensure that there are no doubts, whatsoever, about the status of any pending dues. We also enable businesses and customers to view their account statuses online, thus, eliminating unwarranted arguments and facilitating quick settlements.

The efficiency, simplicity, and competence of the OkCredit platform has led to a sharp increase in the number of people who are presently using our application. Owing to our ability to foster real-time communication and ensure hassle-free upkeep, we have gained immense popularity amongst the MSME circle. We are even being deployed with digital payment platforms like UPI so that payment links can be shared via e-mail, SMS or, WhatsApp.

With over 70% of macro and micro-businesses reporting faster credit collections, the scope and effectiveness of Ok Credit is only likely to grow in the future. The time, therefore, to jump into our beneficial bandwagon is promising and ripe!

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