My Dialogue With Magnus Okeke of Okadabooks.

Writers are mind shifters and have always mold our minds to imagine incredible things. In this dialogue, Magnus Okeke shared opportunities writers can have in

Matthew: What year did Okadabooks start?

Magnus: Okadabooks started off in 2013 with the founder’s Original idea (to put books in mobile phones)
It was founded by Okechukwu Ofili and won the MTN app of the year in the same year

Matthew: How did you join Okadabooks?

Magnus: I wrote a technical article in December 2014 on my blog on how to extract the Okadabooks app from an Android phone to a Blackberry phone. The article helps you pull an installed Okadabooks App from an Android phone to a blackberry phone and get it to work smoothly. Okechukwu Ofili saw it and he wanted me to write more technical articles and resolve issues with the app. I was working as a PR for LOLO 1 of Wazobia at the time but i agreed to do it.
I joined Okadabooks fully a year later.
So, with the tutorial, we were able to create an awareness for Blackberry phones

Matthew: Are you a co founder?

Magnus: No. I'm not
I'm head mechanic of the garage, a catchy name for Head of the technical team

Matthew: What are the current opportunities that writers can have in Okadabooks?

Magnus: There are a lot of opportunities for writers on Okadabooks. The major one being that we give writers the freedom to create and sell their works. You don't need to have an ISBN or sign any papers to sell on Okadabooks. It's free and your works are protected from piracy.

Matthew: Last time I did a research I discovered that before you withdraw your funds you must reach a certain amount.

Magnus: Yes

Matthew: What's the amount?

Magnus: At least N10,000

Matthew: That's really good. What type of literature have more sales on Okadabooks, fiction or non fiction?

Magnus: A lot of Non fictional books made it to the list last year.

Matthew: What advise can you give to startups who are trying to build a team?

Magnus: You don’t need to be "complete" to start. The CEO can handle customer service. The head of Marketing can try his or her hands on flier designs and so on. Just make sure you start and don’t be too scared or too careful to make mistakes. You’ll make mistakes anyways. So, just start and continue pushing what you’ve built as you go along. Don’t add a new feature and save it on your laptop or workhouse. You need paying customers to grow and the world needs to experience you.

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