My Boot camp team: “Team Power”

A team is basically a group of individuals who come together in order to achieve a goal.

On Day One of the Andela Boot camp 13, everyone who was selected for the boot camp had to converge at the offices by 9:00 am. We had a meeting between 9:30 am and 1:00 pm after which we were all put in different teams. Each team was given a Learning Facilitator. The Learning Facilitator is to guide and supervise the team throughout the period of boot camp.

My team members met and we named our team “TEAM POWER”. The team consists of: Lincoln Karuhanga, Seguya Nicholus, Ruhiiga Nathan, Micheal,Masete Nicholas, Walter Okas and myself, Joan. Our Learning Facilitator is Brian Kasigazi.

Lincoln Karuhanga is a Computer Scientist.He is probably the team member with vast experience in computer programming since he has been programming for quite sometime. He also knows other languages like Django. He likes reading books, more specifically memoirs. His interests are: tech,listening to music, swimming, watching TV series and African-American movies.

Walter Okas is a Computer Scientist. He studied Computer Science at Mbarara University. He has experience in PHP computer programming language.He is learning programming because he is passionate about it. He likes reading books that increase his intelligence,especially books with topics about chess,music and Christian literature. He plays chess and likes listening to music.In his off time, he is a teacher at the Manangement Training and Advisory Centre in Nakawa.

Masete Nicholas was a student at Makerere University who is awaiting his graduation.He likes sports, most especially football and supports Manchester United and KCCA football teams.When he is not programming he spends time watching movies.

Nathan Ruhiiga has a background in Agriculture and has worked in both agriculture and media sectors.He is learning programming because he has been interested in it for a long time and would like to implement it in agriculture. His interests are in writing, design and travel.His other interests are reading philosophy, watching documentaries and working out.

Seguya Nicholus works as an IT Support Officer. He likes playing basketball,swimming and watching TV series.He is studying programming because he believes that programming can help inspire people.

Micheal is another member of the group. He is relatively quiet but well versed with the git hub repository.

Brian Kasigazi is our Learning Facilitator. He is a Computer Programmer. He likes playing video games and listening to music. Apart from programming, he repairs electronic devices. His interests in life are: food,his family and technology. During this first week of Boot camp, he has been of great help and is always available to help me with my assignments.

With all these diverse and great minds in Team Power, it’s safe to say that we will all be able to collaborate with each other and go ahead to achieve our goals - both as a team and individually.