Hi everyone, for those that have been following me on my journey so far on Andela Bootcamp XXVI, I believe you all have an idea of how the journey has been and for those who are reading my story for the first time I will just leave out the details and tell you it has been an eye opening experience so far, I believe I used my previous story (Day two, titled “Who brings a knife to a gun fight?), to sort of vent out my personal “Frustration”.
That aside, it has been a truly wonderful experience on the good side, for one I consider myself privileged to be paired with the best LFA on ground who has stuck with me through all my challenges, giving me advice to never give up and say I can’t do it. Even when I feel he should be scolding me or just ignore me outright, he has faith in me that I am still trying to find for myself and trust me guys, I will because a wise person once said “If you believe you can or cannot, you are right”
I also have gotten to spend time with a lot of fellow aspiring programmers who have encouraged me in their own little way to not give up even when I feel like it is the only option left and I have so many people believing in me that sometimes I feel that I will be letting a lot of people down if I just call it quits without even trying.
Andela is the place to be if you want to grow as a programmer and I really want in also, so there is only one course of action left to follow which is to pick myself up from my self-pity mode and strive to be a better programmer because as a friend of mine pointed out, maybe I don’t want it “badly enough”.
So I intend to take those words with me every day and configure myself to want it badly as I really should and for aspiring Andelans out there, you need to want it bad enough, so there is nothing else left to do but to love and live programming. Here I drop my imaginary pen till we meet again; It’s always a good day to code.