Hi everyone again, it is day two at Andela Boot-camp XXVI and honestly, I have not found it funny. There are a couple of reasons I would like to share with you guys and in the Andela spirit, I want you, my readers, to see the points I make in my journey so far and not see my words as excuses.
 I came into boot-camp in very high spirit and to be fair I was not prepared for the “baptism of fire” I was welcomed with. Before I applied to Andela I consulted with a couple of friends who are presently fellows in this great organization and I had orientation on the basics of what was required from me to apply to become a fellow and surely as expected from an adrenaline pumped up hustler who wanted in on the opportunities Andela presented to become a world class recognised programmer, I set my fingers, brain, and mind to work.
 A wise man once said and I quote “Speed is of no essence if you are headed in the wrong direction”, relating this saying to my situation I got to work preparing for the sprint and not the marathon. I was given the option of using either the Python or Javascript programming languages for the initial home-study and I stuck with the “snake”.
 I have no regrets, but now I am wiser because I have found out the hard way that as a beginner, it is not as easy as I envisioned to switch from one programming language to another in such a short time frame and I am still haunted by the spirit of the Python programming structure when writing Javascript codes.
 Like I said at the beginning of this post, it has not been a “Pleasant” experience so far for me especially with having to watch fellow boot-campers discussing concepts I don’t have the slightest idea of because my foundation in Javascript is not as solid as it should be just yet.
Though I have been tempted more times than I can count to just curl up in my bed and blame the world and Andela for not having a boot-camp based on the Python programming language, I always call myself to order and ask the question “If this boot-camp was Python based, would you have fared better? ”.Now I know what I have to do and I am ready to do it which is to gather the necessary knowledge for a proper foundation I can build upon as I learnt from the “Growth mindset” videos shared with boot-campers and then work to better myself and see that I make headway tackling this blocker of mine.
It has not been easy…never expected it to be, but as I say to everyone I come across who want to give up because they feel have fallen short of the required standard at a certain point in time…”YOU CAN ONLY GET BETTER”. And now it has become my mantra “I CAN ONLY GET BETTER AND I WILL THROUGH HARD WORK AND PERSEVERANCE”.

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