My story…

I have always been interested in software and how programming works in general. It started early in my life and I have stayed in constant touch with the software world since then. I see programming languages as tools and I want to use these tools to create real world applications. My love for real world applications is as old as my love for programming. While in school, I developed games in Visual Basic and also sold a label making software to a few businesses in my town.

As the internet and web penetration grew, I learnt about the newer technologies like HTML and Javascript. But I only started active development and experimentation with them recently. Around 5 years back. Again my love of real world applications led me to develop a gym and health club management webapp. I also managed to sell it to a few businesses in Bangalore.

With 20+ years of programming experience, I have developed a strong understanding of how it works. This makes it easy for me to pick up newer languages and technology. I have recently started dabbling with ReactJS and React Native. It took me less time to understand its concepts and how it works. And again, because of my love of real world apps, I have a working iOS and Android app on available for download on the app store.

A lot of my programmer friends, who are very active in the software world, have a problem of consistency. I have seen that they pick up a new technology as soon as it comes out. Work on it while its cool and then move on to something new. When they move on, they don’t want to work on the older stuff anymore. I feel that this is not a very good trait to have if you want to make big, long lasting products. I believe that I don’t have this problem which enables me to develop products and provide maintenance for them. I am willing to go back to old code and fix any issues with it. This fact is what sets me apart from a lot of other people who have a genuine interest in IT.

Speaking of genuine interest in IT; I come across a lot of people in my professional life who work just of the sake of working. They want to finish their job and go home. I have a different view of things. I see coding as an art form. Not only I want to finish my work on time, I want to write the best possible code. And if I’m leading a team, I want the team to write the best possible code.

In the future, I want to see myself as a serial entrepreneur in IT. I want to run a product based company. This is my long term goal. The immediate goal is to work for a startup. Working for a startup grants me the required exposure to how a business is run. There is a lot more visibility for me. It also helps me take on more and more responsibilities. A startup also allows me the freedom to work on newer technologies. This lines up perfectly to satisfy my love for programming.