“In 2018, the word of the year, according to Merriam Webster, was ‘justice’. In 2019, I predict the word of the year will be ‘deep’. Deep mind. Deep fake. Deep news. Deep insight. I believe that there is something in the cultural zeitgeist. Some intuition that technology is about to take us deeper”
New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman — Intelligence Squared, 2019

The way the world thinks about the mind and mental health is not fixed. It changes over time. And between cultures. …

At Okina we’re passionate about human potential. We believe that proactivity is innate in all of us. That when people are supported by society, they naturally thrive. That like seedlings on the forest floor, people will always grow towards light.

But humans have built a complicated world. A world which seems to go against the grain of that potential. A world of too much pressure, too tight deadlines, high expectations and low mood, where the boundaries between work and play are eroding, and our intrusive, addictive technology overwhelms us. Too often we’re drained of energy, feeling we can’t cope with…

Okina is the personal wellness companion that empowers you to beat burnout and live a fulfilled life. The app is a private space, designed to help you feel more in control, more self-aware and more supported, week to week, month to month. In Okina we’ve brought together the latest psychology research to offer a new way of measuring, understanding and improving mental wellness.

5 screens showing some of the features of Okina
5 screens showing some of the features of Okina

Okina makes mental wellness more tangible

We know that day-to-day mental health can feel nebulous and hard to grasp, especially when we’re under pressure or feeling low. Okina helps you see through the fog and understand yourself better, by putting data about your…


Meet Oki, your personal mental wellness companion. Oki works with you to measure and analyse how your environment, circumstances and habits affect your feelings

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