My crazy perceptions about winning.

I see my self as a very deep thinker, I like to think beyond the norms, when I look around me I see a lot of things go wrong and the reason why these things happen is because of certain minimal things we do that sometimes most people are unconscious of , well to most people but to me I think about every thing, every movement, every action which has made me one of a kind.

Some people will see me as crazy when I said lately that I don’t like to win, that winning is not my thing, I don’t mean I don’t like to be the best or, to be good at what I do, sure I want to but not competing with anybody, I do not like to compare my creativity to another persons own because when I start to think in that direction I will develop a Kind of idea I do not like,

I got nominated for the most creative personality and practically I was meant to get people to vote for me to determine me winning the creativity award againt other creative personality nominated, the fact that I got nominated makes me very happy that someone noticed my creativity and think I deserve to be awarded I am very happy I love that and with that I am ok, what I am not ok with is competing with other creative personality to win the award, it’s not my thing, this is my life, I just want to do what I do, make good money and share my ideas to other people to inspire them, I want to be seen as a normal person who say very little things that makes a lot of a sense and impact in other people’s life, not to be named a winner or wining a price , I want to earn money not win money or anything. We all know that not even the best mostly gets the price, conspiracy is the order of the day now. This is just my perceptions about winning.