This days everything balls Down to money.

A lot of things just seems funny this days, a lot of people do very funny and different things to earn cash, a lot of people want money but it seems money don’t want to be everybody’s friend just few who understand it’s language,today I try to understand why some people spend and spend on gambling, I mean sport bet and still find them selves on the Same spot, but they keep playing regardless of their losses, I find it really funny so today I walked into a sport betting center and I was wowed, I used to think it’s only the young ones are the only one crazy about football and put money to bet since they are still young, they see it as fun, but surprisingly I saw older men I mean very grown individuals that are supposed to be at their work place or probably doing something reasonable, they were also playing for some cash, nobody needs to tell them that there’s no real money In sport betting, even if they lucky win 3million I can bet it, they will definitely spend it foolishly because most of them didn’t plan to win that big, and without initial plan the money will waste away, there has been a lot of stories about people that has lavish millions of gambling cash and people still don’t learn, in this part of the world I can say I don’t blem a lot of people because it’s is almost impossible to even start a business and start getting profit as fast as possible, a lot of people have lost hope in doing something reasonable because even the government seems to be doing nothing to motivate people to do something that will bring in good cash for every individual that decide to work to earn an income, apart from sport betting a lot people do really crazy things, like teachers collecting extra cash from students to pass them because he needs the money for his own up keep as well, a lot of girls selling thier body for sex, and it’s just getting worse by the day.

But I believe things can get better, the problem of this part of the world is that a lot of people needs orientation, a lot of people don’t know basic financial knowledge, and understandings about a lot of things, they are limited to their thinking and environment , and they feel comfortable but bitter. So people needs to know and understand that money has a language, it has it’s style, it comes when one is committed to something real for at list a long period of time, buy doing something that you know one day Will yield and become fruitful then selling it to the world. Instead of wasting time on unnecessary things like gambling, unnecessary discussion with the wrong people. We should spend our Time now developing our self, when the money has come there would be a lot of time to joke.

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